MK809IV Review ( MK809 iv ) Mini PC Review

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MK809 iv Review MK809iv Review

The MK809iv Mini PC is one of the latest Android Mini PCs to appear this month of November 2013 and its got the specs to live up to it. With a Quad Core CPU, 8GB ROM and 2GB DDR3 RAM the MK809iv is the new kid on the mini PC block.

Utilising the design with a extendable built-in WiFi antenna the MK809iv offers solid WiFi performance, and for Mini PC WiFi performance and stability is always an important issue, as often the units are placed in locations with plenty of interference. Then add other devices such as Wireless mice or keyboards and suddenly the airwaves around a Mini PC can be a battle ground for signal quality and strength.


Like all Mini PCs, if you are using a Wireless dongle and/or mouse USB transciever, then it makes sense to use a USB extender cable to reduce any possible interference.  But now with the ability to extend the WiFi antenna just a few inches away from the main board of the Mini PC and any other hardware, this will solve the bulk of most WiFi interferance problems any user may have.


I hear you ask “what else does the MK809iv have going for it apart from a cute little WiFiAntenna?”, well apart from Bluetooth 4.0 built-in and a great well polished firmware, the MK809iv has a big following of fans. All dedicated to improving the system firmware and coming up with new innovative uses, albeit sometimes cranky alternative uses for a computer the same size as a packet of gum.

So now to the hands on testing of the MK809iv and what features stand out over many other mini PC devices currently available. To start with we where very pleased with the units ability to decode a healthy range of different video and audio files. The MK809iv supports all of the popular media players from the Google Playstore, which is pre-installed.

From the moment you open the box, and plug everything in, the unit boots up in no time at all and you’re quickly registering your existing or new Google account on the device. Using the menus and configuring the device is ultra smooth and you glide through configuration in a matter of seconds. And we where very happy to see that the device remembers all of your settings such as the date and time which some mini PCs seem to sometimes forget when you power them off.

The best place we recommend you buy the MK809iv is here, from this recommended China Android News buy link. For more pictures of the MK809iv, we recommend you check out this dedicated MK809iv pictures thread over at the friendly Android tech support forum.

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